Work at Simply Clean

Earn up to $15/hour +tips as a Cleaning Professional

Simply Clean is one of the fastest growing service businesses in Oxford which means we want you to work at Simply Clean!  The following details the basics of working for Simply Clean.  

Follow the steps at the bottom of the page to apply!

1. Supplies and TrainingVacuum on carpet

All supplies are provided by Simply Clean and fit in the trunk of your car.  You’ll always have with you all the tools necessary for any job.

You are trained to perform Simply Clean’s unique procedural method of cleaning houses.  All jobs are done the same way, in the same order.  You complete a couple of practice jobs before working with your team leader (we clean in teams of 2) on a real job.

2.  ScheduleRight side of clock

Every Sunday, a schedule is emailed to you detailing which jobs and times are assigned to you.  You must be available to work from 8 am – 5 pm, M-F.

However, Simply Clean is very flexible.  If you have errands or a doctors appointment, etc., it’s not a problem!  You will have the option to work Saturdays but it’s not mandatory.  Simply Clean is always closed on Sundays.

3.  Compensation

All cleaners start at $12/hour plus tips.  After a few weeks, after proving yourself, you may become eligible for a raise and team leader position.

For unskilled labor, Simply Clean is among the highest paying organizations in the area.


1.  Transportation/ Smart Phone

These are simply necessary for the job.  You need transportation to get from job to job.  Simply Clean uses technology and relies on communication so owning a smart phone is also necessary.

2.  Hard Work

Cleaning is physically demanding work.  You need to be in pretty good physical guaranteecondition and be willing to lift, bend, squat, scrub, and sweat.

3.  Reliability

Simply Clean is committed to serving our customers however we can.    

Additionally, we come to work every day, arrive on time to jobs, follow a procedure of cleaning.  We consistently and diligently check our work for mistakes.

4.  Honesty / Friendliness 

Allowing a stranger into your home is not always easy.  Simply Clean has a reputation for being trustworthy and friendly to our clients.  It’s so important that we treat our clients and their things with the utmost respect and reverence.


  1.  Send an email to with the subject line “Cleaning Application State 1”
  2. Attach a resume
  3. Attach 3 references
  4. Write short cover letter explaining why you’re a good fit
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