How is Simply Clean Different?

January 23, 2016 by Ryan

All Natural Cleaning Agents?

       You can make your home cleaner with the click of a mouse.  Simply Clean Oxford is a new cleaning service in Oxford, MS that specializes in quality home cleanings, using exclusively all-natural cleaning materials.  This is one of the many things that sets Simply Clean apart from other local services.      

        The choice to use all-natural cleaning agents isn’t necessarily a best business practice.  For one, it’s more expensive.  Additionally, a lot of people don’t really care what kind of chemicals are used as long as the job is done right.  Further, many people only care about price.  

Natural is better – we think so.

Simply Clean wants to make your home cleaner, of course, and we certainly will.  But we also want to make your home safer.  Homes with young children and pets especially should consider the products used in there home.  Many of our every day, brand name cleaning products might contain harmful chemicals.  We have done the research.  We know the difference and, in fact, we will be creating our own line of cleaning agents in the near future.

Not just a home cleaner – a full service.

What makes Simply Clean Different?

       1.  Simply Clean is focused on quality.  Actually we started the business in the first place because of the poor service we saw in the Oxford area.  We built the business around addressing these issues specifically.  We have the most thorough cleaning checklist in town and we guarantee our work.  That’s right, we’ll give you your money back if you’re not satisfied.  Give us a chance to prove to you our commitment.

      2.   Simply Clean is all about safety.  Beside using exclusively all natural cleaning agents, we understand its a big deal to let a stranger into your home.  We are insured and bonded.  More, we take painstaking measures to insure our employees are the best, most trustworthy available.  They first go through extensive interview rounds, reference checks, and trainings.  If they make it through all of that plus a probationary period, we hire them.  We pay well because our expectations are high.  We also have a rating system that allows you to give us feedback about our cleaning performance.  That means that our employees have a proven track record through positive reviews.

3.  Simply Clean is service oriented.  We are obsessed with our customers.  We want the experience to be worth more than the price.  Simply Clean employees will always be friendly and kind.  They will listen to your needs and serve you as best they can.  If they miss a spot, they will drive back to fix it.  They will within the scheduled window every time you book.


Book from your phone or any device!

4.   Finally, Simply Clean is convenient.  Anyone can book an appointment any time from their phone or computer.  Our website is simple to use and equipped with SSQL secure checkout.  You can log into your account to make changes to your appointments or orders specifics at any time.  After the cleaning, you will be charged and sent an email asking for feedback.     


       Simply Clean Oxford is trying to change the experience for home services in Oxford.  We are eager to show Oxford residents our commitment to safety, quality, service and convenience.   



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