What Makes a Great Housekeeper?

March 11, 2016 by Ryan

What Makes a Great Housekeeper? 

This is a question we thought a lot about when we started Simply Clean Oxford.  Ultimately we came up with 4 attributes which we believe we embody as a service.

1.  TrustworthySafety Sheild

For many of our clients, this is the most important quality in a housekeeper.  After all, it’s a big deal to have a stranger in your house, much less one who will handle many of your belongings.  As a company, we have taken extensive measures to earn the reputation for trustworthiness.

First, we have an excruciatingly thorough hiring process. Of hundreds of applications, we’ve so far only hired three housekeepers.  That’s because we have several rounds of applications, reference checks and interviews.  Our standards are high, simply put.

We then start employees on a probationary period until they prove themselves.  After that, we give them a 20% raise right away.  In fact we pay our employees better than any other cleaning service in town.  This incentivizes them to do their best work.  Stealing just wouldn’t make economic sense for our employees!

2.  Commitment to Quality

Any good housekeeper must do good work.  This is another principle upon which Simply Clean was founded.  We saw low quality services and decided we could do better.  We’ve created the most thorough cleaning checklist in the area.

Each time we visit, we clean from top to bottom.  Things like, dusting fans, cleaning appliances and going over less used areas of the home are tackled on each clean.  We pay attention to detail and address even the most obscure areas of your home.  You can see our detailed checklist HERE

But nothing proves are commitment to quality more than our guarantee.  If we ever miss a spot, we’ll come back and re-clean it.  If you decide the entire experience didn’t meet your expectations, will refund your money in full.  No questions asked.

3.  ReliabilityRight side of clock

Good housekeepers can be counted on.  Good housekeepers do what they say they will do.
You can be assured, that Simply Clean will show up on time.  If we don’t, you’ll get a discount.  You might need your home cleaned for a gathering or for company which means it’s important that the service you choose shows up, on time, to do the job.  We understand this and take it seriously.  As a result, we’ve never missed and appointment.   

4.  Commitment to SafetyScenic view of water

This quality might not be one typically associated with a housekeeper.  The unfortunate truth is that there are numerous potentially dangerous chemical lurking in our every day, brand name cleaning products. 

Repeated exposure to these chemicals might cause harm or disease over time.  Simply Clean Oxford has researched this extensively. 

Even though organic, non-toxic cleaning agents are more expensive, we decided to use them exclusively.  This is for the safety of your family, your home and your pets.  We are the only cleaning service in the area using non-toxic cleaning agents.  This is important to us.  If your health is important to you, I know that Simply Clean Oxford is the best service for you.

There’s nothing better than a sparkling clean home.  A good housekeeper can inject some organization and peace of mind into your busy life.  But be sure that you choose carefully.  The work may be straight forward in practice, but a good housekeeper is harder to find than you might think (we know this from experience). 



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