What determines the price for home cleanings?

October 8, 2023 by justin davis

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The cost of cleaning your house will depend on many different factors such as the size, service type, room types, etc. It’ll also vary according to location; someone in New York City will pay a lot more than someone in Oxford, Mississippi for the same service. If you’re considering having your home professionally cleaned, it wouldn’t hurt to know more about how the cost will be calculated. Not only will this help you pick the option that works best for you, but it could also help you save some money without sacrificing quality.

What’s the difference between professional cleaning companies and individual house cleaners?

Keep in mind that in this case, professional house cleaning doesn’t include hiring an individual cleaner; it’s mainly focused on companies with multiple cleaning crews. A single person typically charges around $20 per hour, which is cheaper than hiring a cleaning crew. However, the trade-off is that they probably won’t be insured, tend to be less experienced, and may not hold themselves to the same professional standards. Professional cleaning companies usually cost between $60 and $100 an hour for a team of two cleaners, and they offer a number of benefits that individual cleaners don’t.

  • They’re insured in case of damage to the home, or workplace accidents
  • They typically offer a satisfaction guarantee
  • Their cleaning crews tend to be more experienced
  • They’re less likely to be affected by scheduling conflicts
  • They’re more likely to offer contracts and/or discounts for long-term clients

How is the cost of house cleaning calculated?

There are many different ways to calculate the cost of cleaning a home. It could be per square foot, per room, or even a flat rate. Here’s what to expect (on average).

There’s a lot of variation in what you could end up paying to have your house cleaned. Some of this will depend on the rates that the cleaning company charges, but most of it will come down to the size of your house, the type of service you want, the frequency of cleanings, and more. 

  • House size

No matter how the cleaning company is calculating the rate (by the square foot, by room, by the hour, flat rate, etc.), a bigger house will cost more to clean than a smaller one. Some people opt to only have certain rooms cleaned, which is a great way to save money while still getting a high-quality service.

  • Quality of work

Some cleaning companies put a strong focus on the experience of their cleaning crews, the fairness of their satisfaction guarantees, and the overall quality of their work. Others only do the bare minimum, and don’t put much effort into going above and beyond. In general, the first type of cleaning service will cost more than the second. However, some companies charge top-tier prices for low-quality work. If you want to avoid getting ripped off, simply look at the company’s online reviews, or ask for references to confirm that they’re worth the price.

  • Whether or not they use their own cleaning products

It’s pretty common for professional cleaning crews to bring their own cleaning products. This ensures that they’ll have everything they need, and lets them choose the most effective product for each task. However, this will also cost a bit more than if you were the one supplying the cleaning products.

A related factor is the type of products that are used. The standard choices are effective, but they’re also full of chemicals that are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and so on. They aren’t great for you and your family to come into contact with, and they aren’t great for the environment either. Some cleaning companies commit to using only non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products, which can provide peace of mind along with a clean house. 

  • Add-on services

When you get quotes per room or per square foot, the price won’t include any and all cleaning services; it’ll include standard tasks like wiping down counters and cabinets, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, etc. However, some people need extra cleaning services, and cleaning companies are happy to oblige for an extra fee. Here’s what to expect if you need one of the following services:

  • Wood polishing – $30 to $75
  • Deep-cleaning tile/grout – $250 to $700
  • Deep-cleaning a rug – $170 to $530
  • Deep-cleaning carpet – $75 to $300
  • Cleaning a refrigerator – $40 to $80
  • Cleaning an oven – $40 to $80
  • Organizing cabinets – $50 to $60
  • Doing laundry – $20 to $35 per load
  • Cleaning curtains – $120 to $300
  • Changing bedsheets – $15 to $30

You should also remember that most cleaning companies will charge more for unusually difficult jobs. In a nutshell, you’ll get what you pay for. If you need professional cleaners to take care of the mess left behind by a construction crew or a huge party, you might have to spend a bit more than average. On the other hand, if you just need some light maintenance cleaning, you should be able to get a good price from a reputable cleaning company.

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